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Let Jane Wagoner guide you to the mystical Harz Mountains
and into the past, with her novel,
Bells of May
Bells of May is the tale of a family rooted in the mystical Harz Mountains of Germany. Five generations of women are forced, by circumstance or by choice, into unfamiliar lives—on the other side of the mountain and halfway around the world.

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Harz Region newspaper
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"An excellent historical novel. This book traces the lives through the generations of a family in the Harz Mountain area of what is now Germany. The author successfully captures the feel of the times and motivations of the German peasants who were driven to emigrate to the U.S. in the late 1800's. This book would be of particular interest to any American of German heritage."

Alan Bormann, Austin, Texas

"This is a great story and Jane Wagoner is a wonderful story teller. The Bells of May took me to places I had little knowledge of yet it felt as if I was right there, with her characters. I can't wait for her next novel!"

Cynthia Certik, Huntley, Illinois

"...I think many people here in the New World, or Europe, should read your book; in order to understand why people came to America. People need to know, to appreciate the hopes and the suffering which people endured to be able to live their dreams. Personally I am avery impressed with this book. One could read it to be entertained; but for me, it is more, it is a document of our history. It is interesting how much research she has done. She described Wieda in a way which recalled my youth."

Walter Hahnel, Victorville, California (formerly of Wieda, Germany)

"I just finished! Your book is delightful and I truly enjoyed it! The characters were intriguing and full of life. I especially liked that for every dark turn, there was a happy conclusion. A different time, a different world, but I felt like I was in it."

Gail Miller, Chicago, Illinois

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